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Join us for one night only!
Bring your own tent, caravan or RV and we’ll supply the BBQ dinner, followed by a unique guided Twilight Tour of the Big Cats park. Return to your accomodation and enjoy the sounds of the big cats overnight. There are limited spaces available so bookings are essential. Call or email us to secure your spot!

Put the pride to bed (25/11)

A unique way to experience the big cats! Join us to set the feed and bring the pride in for the night, plus special behind the scenes experiences. Booking essential, so call or email us to secure your spot!

Twilight Tours (on demand, call us)

Have you been on a twilight tour yet? The cats are more active at night and come alive when the sun goes down. Join our waiting list by calling us on 09 435 0110


Holiday Program

Our holiday program is available for booking, call us on 09 435 0110 to book. We have three different programs for ages 8 through to 16 happening this school holidays. Click the links below to find out more.

8 – 11 Years

12 – 14 Years

14 – 16 Years

Friends of the Park


New Friends of the Park – for just $12 for a 12-month membership

What do you get?

You will receive 5% discount of any ticket or experience purchase. You just have to bring photo ID with proof of you address and be a local Whangarei resident. You will then receive a voucher code to use with any purchase over the next 12 months. The code can be used both on line and at the door. There are very few restrictions and will be special mid-week deals for voucher holders. (Bring out of town guest, get in for ½ price or less, BIG deals, bonus upgrades etc)

5% is a funny calculation but what it means is as a “Friend of the Park” you will not be affected by our price increase and in most are better off.

New Enclosures

We are excited to have had a great weekend over Easter celebrating our grand opening. Everyone is able to share the big cats enjoyment of their new homes. Next on the design table is Mandla, who will have a new home built around the big tree opposite his current enclosure.