Meet the Big Cats

Be awed by a Big Cat experience

Nothing quite matches a lion experience. 249 kgs of fully-maned, male lion is something to behold, and if you catch them at one of their public-facing fence-line games, you’ll definitely know you are alive.

A Bengal tiger experience is just as thrilling. These water-loving felines pack 135-145 kgs of raw power, love scent, and will hide-and-seek with visitors, crouching behind the wall. Look out for the sudden appearance. They have all the tricks and traits of domestic cats; full of speed, surprise, and stalking skills. You will leave the big cat sanctuary, but the cats will stay with you for a long time.

Cats born abroad arrived in New Zealand between the ages of six months and three years.

Meet the Cats


Male African Lion

Abdullah was born on 31 January 2006 right here at Kamo Wildlife Sanctuary but he’s lost his spot near the butchery where he used to be able to cadge a little scrap now and then from the butchers. He’d turn on the charm and strike a marvellous pleading pose, and it often worked. You’ll know he wants your attention if you see him rubbing his head or body along the fence, or sounds a low begging-type call at you. He keeps a protective eye on the Sanctuary and will often give chase to a new face or vehicle – an absolute Prince is Abdullah.


Female (white) African Lion

Amafu was born on 20 May 2004 at the Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve in Krugersdorp, South Africa. Curiosity might kill some cats, but this one always likes to get to the fence first and check out what’s going on. She loves lots of attention, but never get between her and her food – anything that does that will be very much the worse for wear.


Female African Lion

Cleo was born here at Kamo Wildlife Sanctuary on 31 January 2006 and is Abdullah’s sister. She adores cuddles and napping on her hose bed in her new enclosure. Cleo’s favourite toy is a go-kart tyre and you’ll often catch her playing with it in the mornings. She’ll swipe at anything in the way of the spot she wants to occupy.


Female (white) African  Lion

Imvula was born on 28 July 2004 at the Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve at Krugersdorp, South Africa. This beautiful cat loves a good syringe full of milk but you have to maintain focus, or she’ll turn thief and pinch the whole syringe from you.


Female Bengal Tiger

Indira was born on 30 November 2004 here at Kamo Wildlife Sanctuary. She loves a good game of hide-and-seek at the fence line and greets her keepers with full eye contact acknowledgement in the mornings. A friendly feline, Indira is a natural swimmer and loves splashing in pools. Tigers are one of the few cats that relish water and are capable of swimming up to three miles without a break.


Male (white) African Lion

Laduma was born on 20 May 2004 at the Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve at Krugersdorp, South Africa. He is the biggest cat in the Kamo Wildlife Sanctuary weighing in at 249kgs. He is brother to Amafu whose enclosure he shares. Laduma’s King of Animals personality transforms instantly to mewling and groaning whenever he gets a milk treat. He loves attention, and balls, and will chase a ball energetically along the fence line. It’s best if nothing gets in the way of his ball or there’ll be King of the Animals trouble because he’s very protective of it.


Male (white) African Lion

Sabie was born on 17 January 2007 here at Kamo Wildlife Sanctuary. This superb fully-maned king of the jungle absolutely goes to heaven on cinnamon. If it’s put into his enclosure for his pleasure, he’ll sniff it and like a kitten, will roll over and rub himself in it. When it suits him, Sabie loves some personal attention. He shares his enclosure with his brother Sibili.


Female African Lion

Savannah was born on 27 January 2001 at Kamo Wildlife Sanctuary. She adores attention, and wants lots of it. She’ll do almost anything for eggs, and if we hang something in her tree, she’s happy for hours. She has a naughty tendency to annoy her neighbours, and then sit back content to watch the action.


Female Bengal Tiger

Shanti was born to Rewa on 21 October 2005 here at Kamo Wildlife Sanctuary. She’s a bit of a lady and loves scents, including Kim Kardashian perfume, ginger and turmeric, she’ll roll around trying to bury herself in scent to the point of not being present to anything else going on. Shanti loves a good game of hide-and-seek with you, crouching down behind the enclosure wall.


Female African Lion

Shikira was born on 23 February 2004 at the Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve at Krugersdorp, South Africa. This feline majesty prefers to play in private and absolutely loves sporting with a ball, but usually only when she thinks she isn’t being watched. She is always ready for any stray treats the butcher or keepers might toss into her enclosure, and if she believes you’re holding onto one, she’ll run along the fence with you. Watch for the mouthy sideways growl as she chats with you.


Male (white) African Lion

Sibili was born on 17 January 2007 here at Kamo Wildlife Sanctuary and is brother to Sabie. As male lions go, Sibili is relatively docile, but like all cats, his curiosity gets the better of him. If something new turns up in his enclosure, whether it is toys or twigs, he will make certain to check it out until he’s quite satisfied, and okay with it being there. He’s another one who when it suits him, loves to get cuddles.


Male (white) African Lion

Themba was born on 11 December 2006, here at Kamo Wildlife Sanctuary. He’s very confident and definitely stands his ground.  Themba’s characteristics will naturally ensure that he could become King-pin at Kamo Wildlife Sanctuary. You’ll find this big golden lion playing tag with his brother Timba, and the pair of them can often be seen walking in unison like a marching band.


Male (white) African Lion

Timba was born on 11 December 2006 at Kamo Wildlife Sanctuary. He is brother to Themba and has quite a shy personality. He’s definitely a scent lad, and enjoys pleasure enhancement that comes in the form of scents. He’s also very partial to a milk treat. Timba keeps his brother company in their enclosure.